Sunday, June 30, 2013

I once chastised my sisters for being dependent on my parents' charity. My dad chauffeurs them to the LRT station, while my mom cooks and cleans for them. Partly because I was jealous. I was on my own in Perth for 4 years, renting a house on my own (with two other friends, of course), travelling to placements by bus and cooking meals for myself. It took me nearly an hour to reach my placement sites and my parents didn't really bat an eyelid.

And right now, when I tell people that I live at home and am chauffeured by my mom, I am teased by them. Really?

Well, sorry for living at home. Sorry for having a mom to cook and clean after me. Sorry for letting my mom driving me to and from work. Sorry for being loved. 

You know what? I will not allow your sarcastic comments to affect me. Because I have been in your shoes and I recognise your feelings. Yeah, you are just jealous. You are jealous that I am staying in my own house, in my own room, sleeping in my own bed. Yeah, you are jealous that I am living with my mother while your daughter is so far away in India. 

Think of me as a spoiled child as much as you want. Because I deserve being loved by my parents. And what can your words do to me? 


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Xiao Bao Bei

Little Darling.

That is what my great-aunt called me, up to this very day. She makes me feel special, and for that, she is my one of my most favourite persons in the world.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


A senior pharmacist said: "First year of working in outpatient, you feel excited. Everything is new. Second year at outpatient, you feel okay. Third year in outpatient, you will start to wonder: Where is my goal?"

All of the interns just laughed. But what he said is true. There is a pharmacist who has been working there for four years now and things don't seem to change at all. Screening prescriptions, filling them and then dispensing them like a robot.

I don't want to be working like that every day for the next six years. Where is the fun, the excitement? Just looking forward to the next holiday, to the next Saturday, to the next payday.