Friday, April 24, 2009


Today is 24th of April. *Sorry for being obvious*. But yeah, it's already 9 days past my birthday.
I went to Human Bio lab and tute this morning. When we swapped classes with another group, I saw Catherine. She quickly handed me a package and a pendrive. Well, I was puzzled of course.

Then, Iqbar remarked: "Is it your birthday?"
"Dah lepas pun," I told him.

But nevertheless, everyone thought that those are presents for my belated birthday. I was very happy... it is the thought that counts (most definitely!).

I came back and opened the package... it was a cake! I think it's is sponge cake or something (I am very bad with cake names..sorry). It was a homemade one definitely (and very delicious too). I must have been very rough with it during Bio tute 'cause the cake was a bit cracked into some very big pieces when I tried to cut it... >.<

And I opened Catherine's pendrive and she made a really touching video for me. Aih, I feel paiseh to divulge the contents *blush*... but I love it a lot.

People did so many kind and nice things for me and I appreciate them all. Thank you Catherine. Thank you to all my friends (sorry for being repetitive as well...:P).
I love all of you (you know who you are). Thanks again for the birthday greetings, cards, presents, surprises etc...

When I am doubting my very own existence, you guys gave me affirmation of self-worth - that I am truly worth something in this world. =)

Lots of love,

Monday, April 20, 2009


Last night, I was so angry and frustrated that I wrote “GO TO HELL” on the whiteboard in the living room.

It was AG again – annoying the hell out of me. I was working really hard on completing my assignment, trying to get everything done so that I would have time to study for the chemistry mid-year when he called.

“Hey, Cheah. Can you tell me what is the assignment cover sheet ah? I saw it on Blackboard oh.”
“How would I know? I am not done with my outline yet.”
“Not done? But the due date is tomorrow wor.”
“Yeah, I don’t need you to tell me about that.” *angry*

Okay, by now most people would have understood that I am running out of time to get things done and would quickly say goodbye lest they would want me to come after them with knife (and I have tonnes of those in the house I am staying in). But, AG is SO dense that even all the gods couldn’t save him.

“Oh yeah, about the assignment cover sheet...” he continued.

I was so frustrated that I nearly threw my (cute) phone down the floor. Hello? Can’t you tell that I am busy (note: EXTREMELY BUSY)? And you have the nerve to call me during this time? Forget it. The thing I was most angry about is the fact he told me about the due date (which was the very next day). I know I squandered all my holiday away and doing last minute work is definitely bad - it was my fault that I ended up like this. But hearing your voice doesn't help, thank you very much.

And please don’t act like you are all that smart, reminding me about the due dates and stuff. If you were the smarty-pants type, you wouldn’t have come to my house asking me for help in chemistry or keep calling me every single day when you have even the dumbest questions I have ever heard. I entertained every single one of your stupid questions when others have snubbed you and refused to answer your calls. Stop trying to act all smart okay? Stop calling me because I honestly don’t want to hear your voice. I can’t count how many times I have regretted coming to Curtin because you are here. Had I known that earlier, I would have gone to Sydney or Brisbane or whichever varsity that accepted me, as long as you are out of my (unfortunately, horrible) life. Whenever I told my friends that I am going to the same varsity with you, their immediate response was either “HAHA” or “Good luck”. Heck, even one laughed out so hard that she shed a tear or two.

When I first came to Perth, I was really longing to hear the voices of my family members. Each time my phone rang, I jumped up in anticipation but when I knew it was you, I wanted to hang up so bad. Can you imagine the torment I went through at that time? I wanted to hear the voices of those I truly, truly love in the whole wide world but I ended up listening to your annoying crappy voice. Seeing your name on my call and sms list, hearing your voice on the phone – IT MAKES ME WANT TO DIE.

I swear right now, that I would totally ignore your calls. Heck, I even recorded a silent ringtone so that I won’t be able to hear your calls. JUST YOU. Be glad that you have the privilege of having a specially made ringtone to your name. And owh, BE GLAD that you have me dedicating the whole post to you. HURRAY.

PS: To those who know me, you guys might be shocked with this post. Even though I promised myself and my dad to be a good girl who would not judge people and focus on the positive side of things, I can’t do that anymore. Keeping what I truly feel inside my (damn) mind is horrible for my mental health.

Signing off,
Seriously Pissed

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I don't really like celebrating my own birthday, feel like it's being blown out of proportion.

But am really grateful for the surprise they threw for me and Jia Min.

Thanks residents of Unit 13, Vickery House!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


As I am doing research on my topic for Health Science Communication, my thoughts went back to a particular function I attended as a GB member back in Form 2. There, for the first time in my whole life, I encountered a HIV-positive person.

He looked just like any other person you may encounter on the street. I think I can still remember his face. He was thin but other than that, he looked very healthy. We were selling plants and crafts then, and he was among the few people who came by our GB stall and bought a couple of decorative plants. He was friendly and chatted with Jik Jane (I think, because she was the more talkative person in our group...XD). And then, he went up the stage and talked about his experience as a HIV-positive person. That very moment was imprinted on my mind forever. I couldn't remember exactly what he said on-stage; but I remembered thinking to myself: "They look like anyone else".

I don't know whether I would be afraid if I encountered another HIV-positive person again. Honestly, I don't know how I would react. But if that happens, I hope I would be able to tell myself not to be afraid of them.

Personality Test!

Okay, I need to get away from my (stupid) research for a while.


Why did I even pick such a horrible topic to begin with?

Somehow, girls like personality tests a lot. I got this link from Shu Ning some time ago. And it's quite accurate (for her) and a little bit accurate for me (I guess, not sure).
Go do and tell me what type of personality you got. You might want to do it several times 'cause some people do have mixed personalities. So far, I did it 3 times and got ISFP personality.
To those who so happen to be reading this, tell me what type of personality you have okay?
ah shin

Friday, April 10, 2009


alone in the crowd

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just bought a dog!

Okay, it's not a real dog but a Ty Beanie Baby!

His name is Trooper and I found him amongst all his other friends in a gift shop.

He's too adorable I just had to buy him!

Haha... he's cute right?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Piece of My Heart

I should really be studying for tomorrow's Intro to Pharm Prac test but what the hell- I need my daily dose of blogging.

I realise that I miss my family and friends (TI and college). I like chatting with them, getting updates from them. I remember telling Yinching that I won't miss home much but truth digresses from illusion. I miss home (definitely) but not to the point of homesickness, though. In less than 2 months here, I dreamt about being back home twice already. The subconscious part of me really wants to go back, huh?

And to friends back home, I am so sorry for FFK-ing you guys all the time. Haha.... this FK-Wong already learnt her lessons. Because I miss all our gatherings. I wish I attended the open house at Yinching's house so that I can catch up with so many of you all and of course, see Jiamun for one last time before flying. Haiz... the thought of seeing Jiamun after (approx.) 3 years is very sad. T_T

To college friends, I love your company and the fun times we shared. I wish I can still be with you guys. Somehow, the thought of studying in Intec seems fun to me. o.O
I surprised myself by saying this...(?)

*Probably much to your dismay, this FK-Wong still hasn't cried at night thinking about home, though. My pillow is still very dry - thank you very much.*

-Sleepy Gal signing off-