Thursday, May 31, 2012


I do complain a lot, don't I?

I complained that studying pharmacy is not my dream. I complained about how some people annoy me. I complained about how I didn't like the hospital rotation. I complained about how much we are studying for the oral exams.

YS, you just realised this yourself? You must be such a genius! How can complaining make your life any less miserable?

Gee, I don't know... I could release stress?

Now is the time for me to start being positive and stop dwelling on the negative. Because I myself don't like to spend time with negative people either. Bad things are always happening to good people in this world. I count myself to be very lucky indeed to be alive and breathing, pursue higher education, have great friends and family, and still am quite healthy. What is there not to like? What is there to complain?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life after graduation: apprehension and excitement

I have a senior who is now currently undertaking his pharmacy internship in one of the major hospitals in KL. So occasionally, on Facebook, he would post overviews of what he did during work - interventions to improve the patient's therapy, conversations with doctors or patients, etc.

I shouldn't be surprised that the things we learn in university can be so relevant to real-life practice. What scares and excites me most, is the fact that after graduation, I would be on my own. I would be running around the ward, talking to patients, consulting the doctors, advising nursing staff and so on. I would have to know what I am doing.

I should really gather as much confidence, courage and knowledge I possibly could in the final leg of this degree.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Coincidence level over 9000!

Went out for lunch with friends today. Our first-choice restaurant wasn't open. Our second-choice restaurant wasn't open either. Our last-minute-choice was open and we gladly parked somewhere near it. And guess what... right next to the parking lot, there stood two pharmacists from my hospital rotation!!!

 Universe, seriously... out of so many people in Perth, you put them and me together on the same corner of the street in Northbridge?!

I have this mortal fear of meeting people I know randomly at the streets. I am not prepared! I don't know what to say! After a few awkward exchanges of words (Hi? How are you? I am doing great. Thanks. etc etc), I gladly excused myself. Oh god, never thought I would be this awkward with people. Why am I blessed with this curse?

One good thing though, I met the pharmacist's girlfriend! She's such a beauty. I can now rest in peace knowing how she looks like. Proof that good guys can still bag the pretty girls.

Faith in Pretty Girls, RESTORED!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Drowning in a Dream

I am astounded by my own imagination sometimes.

This morning, I dreamed that I was standing right outside my house. Then suddenly out of nowhere, someone shouted: "Flood! Flood!" Of course, everyone panicked. True enough, water came flowing into my neighbourhood with such speed and volume that it was not a normal flood. I, along with others, ran for our lives. It was futile of course, with the waves chasing right behind us. The water struck me so hard that I was thrown up into the air. I fell near a car and tried to hold onto its roof, fearing that I would be swept away by the terrible waves. Instead of the car, my hands caught onto the branches of a huge tree. The water rose so quickly that I soon found myself underwater. The last thing I remembered was murky brown water...

Then I woke up from the dream, gasping for air. I truly felt like I had drowned; maybe because my pillow was blocking half of my face at that time. Upon waking up, I realised it was not a flood. It might be a tsunami. The waves were at least one and a half storey-high.

The feeling of drowning was not pleasant at all. I should really learn swimming for real.