Friday, February 27, 2009

Damn Politicians

Never in my life would I imagine a crisis would take place in my beloved Silver State. All the politicians holding on to their posts and won't let go. It's totally absurd and undignified. If I were them, I would let go of my post reluctantly but gracefully. Because they supported the act of crossing over as a legitimate way of forming the government, they had no right to question the Sultan's decision of letting BN taking over the state administration. The Sultan has the right to decide; we are His subjects and thus, we are obligated to follow His orders. Going against His decision is pure treachery. I understand that the way BN takes over the government is quite undemocratic, in a sense. But it has been the way all this while. Why should this be any different? Unless new anti-hopping laws are drafted and implemented, I can't see why PR should make a fuss. If they have enough brain cells, they should have realised by now that the act of hopping is somewhat a double-edged sword.
If they are serious about being of service to people, then they should implement the anti-hopping law. Only then, the democratic process will be respected and the people will feel that their votes do matter.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Meeting, The SMS and The Call

It was probably due to the brief meeting with Jane and Shenli just now that I felt a bit emotional. Hmm, I thought I could be a cold-blooded person, somebody who scoffs off emo-ness as silly. But I realised I was human after all.

And I realised that I should sms Myza, my best friend in Intec. I lost her news ever since we left Intec and when I didn't see her at the briefing in Putrajaya, I knew something was amiss. Dentistry students had it hard, 'cause they need to meet very high requirements. Some says that dentistry is harder for students to get in, as compared to medicine.

So, I decided to sms her. And seconds later, she called with her mom's phone. This lazy gal didn't top up her phone credit, which was precisely why she had gone AWOL for the past few months (at least I think so). Thank god that she is well and she can fly to India. She seems okay with the arrangements. A total of 8 dentistry students from Intec are going to India, and they are probably flying sometime around July this year.

*Sigh* I am going to miss her so much. With all the study session at the study room, our homework discussions, the gossips and company of each other we shared, I can truely say that she is one of the few rare people that I can consider a friend in Intec. Thank god for that. Sweet Myza, I wish you luck with all my heart. May you succeed in all your future undertakings. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


See the title? Haha. Maybe I am just being lazy.This week is probably like that - O_O - a.k.a. don't-know-what-to-say type of expression.
I was just being told that our juniors back in secondary school are pathetic. Haha. My friends surely didn't say that per se (but I did - so belasah me), but well, it's basically gist of the whole story.

What, girls clamouring for attention of a single so-called handsome boy? Gosh! Okay, he might be a tad good-looking but going to that extent of stalking him? It is an act of a pathetic, desperado person. Boy, does kids nowadays have spines? I sound old, yeah, but it's true.

When I heard of this seemingly absurd tale, it boggled my mind. But now, I am totally laughing over it. Surely, one day in the near future when these girls have grown older, they will die of embarrassment just by reminiscing this memory.

To the boy, I salute you for being able to make the whole bunch of gals going ga-ga over you. Goes to show that the beautiful people are always popular. To the girls, I just wish they would wake up and realise they are being silly. There are more things that are worth spending time and effort on, namely family, studies, friends and probably (old-fashioned) TV. At least, TV has more hot guys to offer, on a daily basis.