Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good News


This has to be a miracle. I don’t think my efforts in studying warrant such a good thing, but it did happen after all.

Official notice at Curtin’s website stated that results would be out at 5pm on Wednesday. My housemate claimed that results would be out by midnight.

I was chatting with friends online (notably Shu Ning and Sze Hou) when Mei Ing suddenly nudged me on MSN and told me that results were out. She promptly gave me the link.
I refused to believe that results were out that early – 17 hours earlier than as stated on Curtin website. By then, I was hyperventilating, my fingers turned cold. The suspense was killing me.

But after I typed in my student ID and everything, the results looked too good to be true.
My academic status is: GOOD STANDING – which means I passed all subjects and I am allowed to re-enrol in the subjects for next semester.

Phew. That is the only thing I need to know. Not grades or marks. Just a confirmation that I could continue doing pharmacy would be sufficient.

Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement. Love you all. Muaks. =D

Monday, July 6, 2009

It is like the butterfly I could never catch.
It is my dream which I couldn’t grasp.
I wish for my dream to come; but should I go to it instead?
I used to see pictures from which words overflow.
But now, I only see emptiness in the depths of my soul.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


It was the stormiest night I had ever seen in my life.

The winds blew and shook the trees so hard – I thought they were going to fall. The wind was so loud that it sounded like a thousand cars whizzing past me. My window rattled violently.

Despite it all, I stood inside my room and looked out the window. I felt a certain peace coming over me.

The way the trees shook in the cold winter winds against the blue velvet sky was astoundingly beautiful.

I wished I could be out there, experiencing it all.

Let the winds take away this indescribable pain that was welling inside of me.

Let the rain wash away my tears.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Random Poems

Note: I have been feeling immensely bored that I wrote several poems. Urm, I won't consider them as poems - I merely see them as attempts at rhyming things up. So, enjoy!

the pages are torn,
can't be restored
tried to patch them up
the tear is still there
black ink seeps through the papers
right into the deepest layers


He passes by
She cannot breathe
His steps in rhythm with her heartbeat

touching the sunshine fields

and the breeze in my hair
the fragrance of the hills
hanging in the air


Oh Wind, Oh Wind,
That blows on strong,
Could you please show me,
where I belong?


If my life were to end here,
There’s so much to regret,
I have tonnes of novels that I haven't read!