Monday, June 13, 2011

Another dream.

I was cycling and got attacked. A friend of mine saved me. I sat there, crying while he tended to me and even tied my shoelaces. He held my hands tightly. I felt so safe. I long knew he harboured feelings for me, but I was adamant not to reciprocate. What should I do, now that he's protecting me like this?

The dream was so sweet. Too bad I had to sit for Medicinal Chemistry at 8.30am! GRRR!! Finals, must you ruin even my make-believe love life?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Can't wait for exams to end so that I can shop for more books.

On wishlist:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Post-SPM exams = Hell

Way back in SPM (seems like ages ago), I had enough time to churn out my own facts and rewrite history just to fill up the white spaces in the question paper.


100 marks in 120 minutes or 120 marks in 120 minutes. It's insane! I never have time to think what's the right answer. Whatever that comes to the mind (correct or not), that is what I write down. Seriously, is this what exam is all about? Are you really testing our knowledge or our ability to withstand stress? I barely have enough time to THINK, what more WRITE down the answers for 120-mark questions in 120 minutes.

I hate exams!! GRRR!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I really would like to write short stories now because I have so many ideas swirling around in my mind. But I can't.


Final exam! SCREW YOU, FINALS!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lady in the Garden

I was dressed in fine, ancient clothes. I came to this beautiful two-story mansion. I remember its beautiful wooden floorboards that I had so much fun running on. What imprinted on my mind most was the house's immaculate gardens that sprawled all around, almost like a maze. Decorations like bamboo gates were abound and the flower bushes were very tall. 

I was about to marry the young master of that household. I had lots of fun visiting his home and paying respects to his family - consisting of many relatives living under the same roof. During one of my walks around the estate, I met a wonderful old lady, seemingly senile. She gave me a flower as a token of our first meeting. No one seemed to know her. 

What happened later on, I couldn't remember it too well. But I recall running on that wooden floorboards, all the way down to the stairs and bypassing the hallway. I ran into the garden, opening one bamboo gate after another, bypassing my fiance's relatives. Then, finally I met her again. I uncovered the cruel truth behind the family's fortune. As a young lady, she traveled far from her homeland with her husband. She fell sick and soon was diagnosed as being crazy. But it was her family's wealth that enabled her husband to live prosperously. So her disease was kept secret from her faraway family, and she was virtually trapped inside the garden - her existence was unknown to the public. 

And then I woke up.